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Financially Independent 101 - Don't Trade Time for Dollars was created to empower individuals by helping them achieve a life-changing transformation in regards to their financial situation and personal life. Our goal is to have you live the life you daydream about while sitting in your cubical from 9 to 5 each day. Helping you and your family break the chains to become forever financially independent is what JBW is all about.

Building Wealth Starts with the Right Mindset


To build wealth and become truly financially independent, you need to have a financial mind-shift that moves you away from fear.

Without this, you may never be able to climb out of this unproductive financial cycle you have been stuck in for years.

Furthermore, as many have experienced, you may be able to build wealth, but can quickly lose it.

Looking at your whole financial scene in a different light and focusing on the big picture can help you shed the fear of losing money. This will allow you to move forward with new money generating ideas.

What it boils down to is how you manage fear determines your financial success. If you can move forward despite fear, this can open up an avenue for you to learn and grow. This is where real financial independence begins!

What Exactly is True Financial Independence?

First, let’s start with what financial independence is not. It’s not getting a raise and making more money as an employee – you could easily lose your job! Oh, and it’s not having more money because you cut back on spending – this only creates a lower quality of life.

It’s not working hard for a paycheck your entire life while tucking away money in your 401(k), hoping it will amount to big bucks – You could lose it all in a stock market crash. Additionally, it’s not trading your time for dollars!

So what is Financial independence? It’s when you have built enough wealth where you have the option of not working for anyone, typically through assets that generate income or cash flow, that is the same or greater than your expenses.

The money is normally produced through “passive income”, where your money works for you, and you don’t work for your money.

What is True Financial Independence?

How Can You Benefit From Becoming Financially Independent?

Benefits of Being Financially Independent

Building wealth to become financially independent can create a lifestyle that most only dream about. A life where you can say goodbye to working for someone else (working on their goals every day from 9 to 5 instead of yours). Being financially independent will allow you to avoid working yourself to the point of exhaustion every week, with little time for yourself, or your family.

It will allow one to avoid long commutes, 30 minutes lunches, and basically being stuck in an office all day when there is a whole world out there to explore if you wanted to!

You won’t have to wait years to be eligible for a 2-week vacation. You can take as much time for yourself as you want, whenever you want. Becoming financially independent will allow you to build the wealth you need to make sure you and your family are secure for generations to come.

We’ve got your attention now, don’t we?

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Working smarter can be described as not trading your time for dollars. Additionally, making your money work for you with passive income is the smartest way to work.

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Work Smarter Not Harder to Build Wealth

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Passive Income Ideas for Financial Independence

One of Just Build Wealth’s main focuses is to provide profitable passive income ideas to those who are interested in learning how to become financially independent.

From becoming a real estate investor to creating your own blog with professional affiliate links, there is a great money making idea for everyone.

Creating passive income will put you in the driver’s seat so you can eventually stop working, if this is your goal.

If you spend enough time reading our informative articles, you will be sure to find ways to earn money that fits both your personality and your lifestyle.

Additionally, you can search the JBW blog for great ways to invest your money, pay down debt, as well as lowering your taxes.

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