Almost everyone, at one point in time, has been in a pinch and asked themselves, “How do I make money fast?” If it’s a good chunk of money, let’s say, $1,000 that you need, it can seem almost impossible to raise. In reality, it’s totally manageable. This post reveals some proven strategies for earning $1,000 quickly. Once you put a few of these ideas into place, it may just become addictive to keep earning that money! Let’s dive in to find out how you can make the money you need, and learn a few things in the process!

Try One of These Proven Money Making Ideas to Earn $1,000 as Quick as Possible

You would be surprised at how fast you can make $1,000 if you put your mind to it. There are many ways to go about drumming up the money. You just have to find what works best for you and your capabilities, as well as your personality. We have compiled a list of the most popular ways to make money fast. Choose one, and give it a try. Or, apply a few of these money making strategies to generate $1,000 even faster.

1. Make Money Fast by Flipping Furniture

This money making idea is great for those who love going to estate sales, thrift stores, and yard sales. It’s a fun and brilliant way to make some extra cash. What’s involved is seeking out pieces of furniture such as dressers, nightstands, coffee tables, and the like, and reselling them. If you have a lot of room to store the furniture before it’s sold, you might want to consider larger items such as kitchen tables, leather chairs, or couches.

Items that can sell for a higher price tag would be furniture that is in great shape, or unique items, and of course, antiques. If you obtain the right type of furniture, it’s possible to make the $1,000 you were striving for in just 2 or 3 transactions.

A few great avenues for selling the furniture you find would be Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Ebay.

2. Earn $1,000 by Renting Your Spare Room Through Airbnb

Do you have a spare room in your home? If so, renting it out could be a fantastic way to make money fast. It can even be an ongoing thing so you can continue to reel in the money. Airbnb is the biggest and most commonly used tool for renting out houses, apartments, and single rooms. It provides a safe, reliable way to advertise your space for rent.

If you live in a prime area – near the beach, or a popular destination city such as NYC or San Francisco, and you are in dire need of cash, you can rent your whole place out for a week. Although this alternative would cause you to have to stay at a friend or relative’s house for the week, it may be well worth it if you can charge $1,000.

You have total control. You can set the price, timeframe the room or house is available for, as well as other specs. It’s a nice way to rent your space out for money without having to sign a year contract with a roommate. Airbnb takes a small percentage of what you are charging to cover their processing fees, and you keep the rest.

View the following video to learn how it’s actually possible to earn $300,000 per year with Airbnb.


If you want to maximize your earnings while utilizing Airbnb, take a look at Brian Page’s free Airbnb training. It’s all you would need to learn how to start making money using this awesome platform.

3. Skip a Payment and Have Instant Cash Available When You Need It

This strategy is typically reserved for emergencies, since it may only be an option you can use once or twice. If you have a mortgage payment, car, RV, or other large monthly payment, you may be able to defer a payment, or two, and then you will instantly have the money you need. For example, most car loan lenders offer to move one or two payments to the end of the loan period, they may allow it. So if you tell them you’re having financial issues, and need to skip a month or two, you might be able to. This may allow you to keep an extra $1,000 in your pocket, so it’s worth a shot.

4. Generate Fast Cash as a Dog Walker

If you love dogs, and enjoy going on walks, then this is the money making strategy for you. You can generate money by making it known that you’re available to walk your neighbor’s dogs, or in the surrounding neighborhoods. So many people have dogs. Some are stuck inside while their owners are away at work. Or, they’re kept in tiny backyards or on patios. You will find that a dog owner will be thrilled to have someone take them out for a walk.

This money making opportunity can easily bring in $1,000 for the month, if you play your cards right. You can sign up with a dog walking agency and have dogs assigned to you, or just work on your own. Dog walkers who work for themselves make much more per hour, somewhere in the range of $20 to $40. Try walking multiple dogs at once and rack up the cash all at once.

You can get an edge on your fellow dog walkers in the area by presenting yourself as the more professional dog walker in the neighborhood. This can be done by creating a website and placing your URL on a business card. You can have images of yourself and the dogs you have walked on your site. Potential clients would love this! We recommend creating a website with WordPress;┬áit’s the most common platform. Also, you’ll need someone to host your site; we use Bluehost. They’re really easy to work with and affordable. If you start a website, it’s a good idea to create a blog. This will get your content out there on the web, and in turn, make your site rank well. This article on how to start blogging with WordPress and Bluehost should get the ball rolling for you.

5. Start Wholesaling Properties for Quick Money – Much More Than $1,000

If you’re interested in real estate, you may want to look into wholesaling properties. If you have access to some good resources, you should be able to learn the ropes pretty quickly and earn a large sum of money in the process, more than $1,000!

A quick description of how it works is that the wholesaler will go out and find properties that are normally distressed or fixer-uppers, and therefore less expensive. Once one is found, the wholesaler and the property owner place the house under contract for a certain amount of money. Then, the wholesaler finds a buyer for the homeowner, and sells the property to that buyer at a higher price than the original contract was set for. The wholesaler keeps the difference. You can look at it as a commission for finding someone to buy the house from the owner, with the wholesaler being like a mediator between the homeowner and the buyer.

If you think you might start wholesaling, you will definitely want to incorporate as an LLC to save a bundle on taxes, as well as reduce your risk of liability. We use Corporate Direct when we need to create a legal entity such as this. Also, check out this post if you would like fine out what the best real estate investing tools are.

Watch this video to learn more about the ins and outs of wholesaling. It will certainly set you on the right path.


If you would like to learn more about the subject, you can look into this exceptional wholesaling course. It covers everything from A to Z to get you started making money wholesaling. In addition to this, if you begin wholesaling, you will want to learn more about locating the best properties for this type of real estate transaction. You can do this by reading the following article: How to Find Off Market Properties.

Additional Information for Those Looking to Make Money

Use These Ideas to Make Money Fast and Get the Cash You Need!

So as you can see, it’s not so difficult to come up with some extra cash, especially $1,000. When you need to make money fast, try one, or a few of these ideas that you feel would work best for you. You may find that you prefer one over the other, and decide to continually utilize the idea to bring in consistent cash. We wish you the best in your quest to quickly earn extra money!